A privileged setting that offers innumerable opportunities for enjoyment and a chance to disconnect

Cádiz, the province of Light

Cádiz has traditionally specialised in tourism based on sun and beach holidays thanks to its impressive coastline, forming part of the famous Costa de la Luz. It has an extensive variety of golden sandy beaches, ranging from urban beaches located just a few steps away from the town centres of the province, to unspoilt beaches situated close to protected natural spaces.

Furthermore, its exceptional climate, with over three hundred days of sunshine per year, makes Cádiz the ideal place to enjoy a few days on the coast.

The Setting

The Jerez Region is strategically located in the extreme southwest of Andalusia in the province of Cádiz, embraced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, bathed by the waters of the Guadalquivir and Guadalete rivers, directly facing the nearby coast of Africa.

A region of gentle slopes of albariza soil, extensive white sand beaches, natural spaces of significant ecological value and an enviable climate that can, moreover, boast a unique setting that offers numerous opportunities for wine tourism experiences in the Region and to create memories with a true flavour of the South.

The province of Cádiz has a variety of attractions that go far beyond its well-known coastline

A collection of picturesque historic white villages that possess a unique cultural and architectural legacy thanks to the numerous different cultures that have inhabited the territory over the centuries.

Further inland, the Campiña becomes the protagonist. A region covered in vines from which the world-famous sherry and brandies de Jerez are produced, sprinkled with traditional Andalusian constructions such as casas de viñas, cortijos, ventas and mostos.

The Sierra de Cádiz, an ideal destination for enthusiasts of mountain tourism that, apart from its incalculable ecological value, holds veritable treasures: Moorish castles and picturesque whitewashed villages that make up the famed Route of the White Villages.

A total of six nature parks that make the province of Cádiz a dream destination for enthusiasts of nature and bird watching.

A calendar of events and celebrations that allow you to enjoy the province at any time throughout the whole year. Festivities of International Tourist Interest such as the Cádiz Carnival, the unique horse races along the beach at Sanlúcar de Barrameda or The Horse Fair in Jerez de la Frontera.

And, naturally, a delicious and varied cuisine, including the famous “pescaito frito” and shellfish, along with fruit and vegetables from extensive agricultural settlements, all perfectly accompanied by the exceptional sherry wines of Jerez.

A region of culture, history, nature, fiesta and gastronomy. Andalusia continues year after year to be one of the most visited regions in Spain.

Andalusia possesses an exceptionally impressive coastline, with 836 kilometres of coast bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, where we find the Costa de la Luz (Huelva and Cádiz), and by the Mediterranean Sea to the east, divided into the Costa del Sol (Málaga and part of Cádiz), Costa Tropical (Granada and part of Almería) and the Costa de Almería.

Moreover, its location in the south of the peninsula makes it one of the warmest places in Europe, with an exceptional climate that provides over three hundred days of sunshine per year, making Andalusia the perfect destination for a beach holiday in the sun.

Andalusia cannot be fully understood or enjoyed without its culture, and its greatest exponent is flamenco

Andalusia has a great architectural and historical heritage, forged by the influences of the different cultures that have occupied its territory over the centuries, with universally recognized monuments such as the Alhambra in Granada or the Mezquita de Córdoba. This outstanding cultural legacy also contains cathedrals, alcazabas, castles and fortresses, monasteries and the old town centres of its monumental cities. Similarly, the region possesses an impressive natural environment, ranging from the spectacular beaches of its different Costas to the extensive olive groves of Jaén, passing through the Campiña Jerezana, the Doñana Natural Park and Sierra Nevada, which has positioned itself in recent years as one of the star destination for skiing enthusiasts.

In Andalusia people enjoy a life of celebrations and fiestas

Throughout the year events and fiestas such as Semana Santa, celebrated with true passion in each of the Andalusian provinces, the Carnival in Cádiz, the Rocio in Huelva or the Feria de Abril in Seville, all proving the opportunity to enjoy Andalusia in a way that is truly authentic and unforgettable

Finally, Andalusia has a thousand and one flavours to savour. Andalusian cuisine is yet another of its great values with such characteristic and appreciated produce as its wines, meat, Iberian ham, fish, cheeses, Extra Virgen Olive Oil and other exquisite gastronomic delicacies that have their origins in the eight provinces of Andalusia. The province of Cádiz produces outstanding Sherry, Vinos de Cádiz, Brandy and Vinegar, payoyo cheeses from Jerez and the Sierra de Cádiz, Extra Virgen Olive Oil, wild game meat, retinto veal, almadraba tuna and such typical dishes as pescaíto frito, gazpacho, salmorejo and berza jerezana.