A well-balanced cuisine originating from the Bay of Cádiz and the Campiña de Jerez

From the farm to the table

The agricultural zones of Chipiona, Trebujena and the Campiña de Jerez produce vegetables and fresh fruit of the highest quality (tomatoes, carrots, cauliflowers, oranges, watermelons, melons and a long etcetera) that, in addition to providing the base for many traditional dishes of the area, are exported in large quantities at a global level.

In spite of their general decline over the years, some of the traditional farming methods, such as mayetería, have been maintained to the present day and have contributed to making the agricultural zone of the Jerez Region one of the most productive in the Peninsula.


The cuisine of the Jerez Region is based upon three important pillars: the produce of the land, of its wineries and of its seas.

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The Atlantic Ocean, bathing the coast of the Region, is the origin of the highest quality produce that is the true exponent of its cuisine

Produce deriving from the rivers and sierra hillside complete the storeroom of the Region

Similarly, the influence of the River Guadalquivir upon the territory can also be seen in its cuisine, contributing a unique originality. Some of the produce captured in its waters are characteristic of the towns on the banks of the river, as is the case of elvers from Trebujena.

Produce from the River Guadalquivir and the Sierra de Cádiz add personality to the cuisine of the zone

The cuisine of the Region also makes use of products from the Sierra de Cádiz, such as cheeses, meat and olive oil, to create some of the specialties of the region that have become authentic gastronomic references of rural Jerez: berza, ajo caliente, bull’s tail…

A cuisine historically linked to sherry

The universal wines, brandies and vinegars of Jerez provide the perfect ingredient for a large variety of flavours and recipes that differentiate the cuisine of the region. From the driest to the sweet, their extraordinary variety of aromas and flavours not only harmonise but also enhance aperitifs, main courses and desserts, elevating the gastronomic experience of the Jerez Region to a superior level.

Moreover, the appearance of sherry in the kitchen and its fusion with products of the region has allowed for the development of an avant-garde cuisine with touches of innovation, creativity and excellence. Sherry contributes character and personality to dishes, opening up an interesting world of aromas, flavours and textures: clams al fino, sirloin al oloroso or artichokes with parmesan al amontillado are but some of the exquisite creations with sherry as their protagonist