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The Jerez Region is a privileged territory that represents the essence of southern Andalusia to perfection: sun, sea and a landscape of gently rolling white hills in which to immerse yourself.

A destination renowned worldwide for the quality of its wines and brandies and which also offers a wide range of attractions to help make your visit a memorable experience to be enjoyed with all five senses: a rich cultural and architectural heritage, legacy of the different cultures that have inhabited the territory over the centuries, the cities, the gastronomy, the exceptional climate, the beauty of its landscape, its people and, of course, its excellent wines.

Visit a cathedral bodega

The bodegas of the Jerez Region conceal a long history behind their walls. Such places are true temples to wine, painstakingly designed for the optimum production and ageing of sherry. The architecture, location, materials, height and flooring all ensure that the final product will live up to these cathedrals of wine.

On your trip around the Region you cannot miss a visit to some of these iconic bodegas to discover first-hand the characteristic production and ageing process of Sherry by means of a system of criaderas and soleras, taste their wines, internationally renowned for their quality, enjoy a commented tasting, discover their history and the dishes they can be best paired with..

Bodegas González Byass, Bodegas Fundador, Bodegas Marqués del Real Tesoro and Valdespino or Bodegas Williams & Humbert are a few of the cathedral bodegas in Jerez de la Frontera, considered cathedral-like given their size and the devote silence of these vast warehouses where sherry is aged, a visit to which is an authentic and genuine wine tourism experience. In El Puerto de Santa María, Bodegas Osborne is an essential visit, whilst in Sanlúcar de Barrameda we have veritable temples to Manzanilla, such as Bodegas Barbadillo, Bodegas La Gitana and Bodegas Argüeso.

Enjoy an activity amongst the vineyards in the Pagos del Sherry

The famed pagos of the Jerez Region, the vineyards, the vineyard houses and their unique surroundings provide a privileged space in which to participate in wine tourism activities throughout the whole year. We refer to the Pagos del Sherry.

Options range from visits to vineyard houses to food and wine experiences at sunset in the unbeatable setting of the pagos, or even such original proposals as horseback tours, cycling and 4×4 trails, nature observation and cultural activities. All these experiences allow you to enjoy the vineyards of the Jerez Region in all their different aspects: scenic, natural, cultural, historic and eno-gastronomic.

Discover the vineyards of the Jerez Region thanks to the proposals of the Pagos del Sherry, an essential part of your visit to the area. Experiences that contribute to the sustainability of the region, respectful of the environment and the landscape, entering into close contact with nature. Moreover, they provide the ideal opportunity to connect with the culture and essence of sherry in an unhurried, uncrowded, authentic and enjoyable way.

Take a boat-trip around the Bay

The Bay of Cádiz offers some truly spectacular scenery. Its characteristic extensive beaches of fine golden sand and its crystalline waters make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Protected as a Nature Park given its exceptional environmental and ecological values, the Bay possesses outstanding beaches, marshlands, pine forests, waterfalls and dunes, where you can take boat trips and visit fish farms and the salt pans that were once considered one of the most prosperous industries in the area during the nineteenth century.

One of the best ways to discover and enjoy the Bay of Cádiz is by taking a boat trip. Setting sail from one of the many ports of the coastal towns, such as Puerto Sherry (El Puerto de Santa María). This experience offers spectacular views, just relax and enjoy the sensations of the sun and sea-breeze. One of the greatest attractions of the Bay is its fauna and these trips provide the opportunity to observe different characteristic species of the region, above all birds, such as the pink flamingo. Moreover, to convert the trip into an unforgettable experience, we suggest you accompany it with an on-board sherry tasting session.

Visit the Doñana National Park 

Doñana National Park is home to a biodiversity that is unique in Europe. The large number of ecosystems that converge in this setting (beaches, dunes, reserves, marshes…) provide it with a unique diversity and personality that make it a key intersection on the bird migratory routes between Africa and Europe.

Rich in fauna, with over 300 different species of birdlife inhabiting the territory, the area is also home to the Iberian lynx, known as the King of Doñana, along with numerous species of reptile, amphibians, freshwater fish and thousands of invertebrates, many of them yet to be catalogued.

A visit to this natural paradise is mandatory if you travel to the Jerez Region and there are companies  based in Sanlúcar de Barrameda that organize tours of the natural space. The Park itself also offers the possibility to explore Doñana from a 4×4 (in group or privately) and get a close up view of the typical species of different ecosystems, many in danger of extinction.

Enjoy the gastronomy of Sanlúcar

This typical Andalusian coastal town, with its stately air, narrow winding streets, white façades and aristocratic palazzos is one of the nation’s quintessential gastronomic destinations.

The quality of its produce, such as its renowned Langistino de Sanlúcar or its Manzanilla wine produced exclusively in the city and with its own Denomination of Origin, has placed the name of Sanlúcar on the global gastronomic scene.

One of the best ways to fully get to know Sanlúcar is by tasting its flavours, eating tapas in the Plaza or in Bajo de Guía, that old fishing quarter nowadays bustling with restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the best produce of this corner of the Cádiz coastline: langostinos, fried fish, tortitas de camarones, acedías, fried anemones and seafood stews.

A glass of Manzanilla is by far the best pairing to really make the most of these characteristic and exquisite flavours, and with spectacular views of Coto Doñana on the horizon.

Wander around our picturesque streets and squares

To walk around the different cities of the Region is to take a tour through its history. Over the centuries the strategic geographical location of the territory has led it to being occupied by numerous different civilizations: Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Christians… and all those centuries of history are now reflected in the architectural legacy of each of our cities, who are more than proud of their past.

Narrow streets and whitewashed houses, squares with beautiful buildings and palazzos, picturesque corners… all combine to produce a labyrinth of special charm that comes alive both during day and night thanks to the outgoing character of our people and invites you to discover the essence of the Jerez Region, the culture and history of its cities, its gastronomy and the rest of its virtues, all at our own pace.

Enjoy our festivities and events

The Region is a dynamic destination, a land where traditions and culture are still celebrated, one in which people enjoy themselves in the company of others, and we know that enjoyment is greater when shared.

Throughout the whole year the Jerez Region hosts numerous festivities and events. The relevance of many of these celebrations place religion firmly on the world tourist map year after year.

In Jerez de la Frontera, the Feria del Caballo and the Fiestas de la Vendimia have been declared Festivals of International Tourist Interest, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world wishing to enjoy the two main pillars of Jerez culture: the horse and sherry. The Easter Semana Santa religious processions are also outstanding and declared of International Tourist Interest. Other festivities and events include Christmas with its Zambombas, declared of Andalusian Tourist Interest, and the Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix. It is also worth participating in some of the professional events such as the Copa Jerez or Vinoble.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda also has a calendar of events worthy of note, its principal exponents being the Feria de la Manzanilla, the Music Festival and its famous Horse Races along the Beach, the latter declared of International Tourist Interest

To make your visit to the region coincide with any of these festivals or events and to participate in them is an extraordinary way to discover the destination in a genuine and enjoyable fashion, coming into direct contact with its people and culture.

Visit our beaches

The Jerez Region is bathed by the Costa de la Luz, one of the most beautiful and famed coastlines in both Andalusia and the Iberian Peninsula.

Kilometres of fine golden sand, tiny picturesque coves concealing undiscovered corners, several kilometres of sandy areas that harbour unique ecosystems… all bathed by crystalline waters whose quality has given them numerous well-deserved international awards, converting the region into a paradise for the practice of nautical sports.

Spending a day on the beach in El Puerto de Santa María, Rota, Chiclana or Sanlúcar is the ideal way to complement a wine tourism trip to the Region. Enjoy a stroll along the seashore, do some sport or have a good time flying kites, discover amazing spaces such as the characteristic fish pens of Chipiona and their traditional fishing methods that go back centuries and are still in use today — these are just a few of the options that you can help you make the most of your visit to any of the beaches in the Jerez Region.

Attend an equestrian show 

The world of the horse is, together with flamenco and wine, one of the main attractions of the Jerez Region.

Pure Spanish Carthusian horses are bred in Jerez, a breed considered for centuries as one of the most highly appreciated in the world thanks to its energetic temperament, its noble docile character, its resistance and ease to train.

Attending an equestrian show is a mandatory experience if you visit the Jerez region. A show where Andalusian horses perform with horsemen wearing traditional costumes of past times, taking part in an extremely artistic and authentic equestrian dance with choreographies and surprising movements made to the rhythm of the best Spanish music and flamenco.

An authentic and exciting experience from beginning to end, epitome of the true essence of the Jerez Region.