The Wine and Brandy Route of the Jerez Region offers a variety of different ways for all the family to enjoy a visit all year round. Kilometres of wide open beaches together with an excellent climate make a visit to the coastline a must, especially in summer.

Nonetheless, the Jerez Region offers many more possibilities. A list follows of a series of experiences whereby both the old and young may immerse themselves in the essence of our culture whilst enjoying a fun, didactic, enjoyable and unforgettable experience fit for all the family.

The Rancho Cortesano Bee and Honey Museum

Located in the rural surroundings of Jerez de la Frontera this is an unusual museum fully dedicated to bees and to sharing the secrets of one of the oldest craft professions in the world: that of the beekeeper.

The Rancho Cortesano Bee and Honey Museum allows visitors to participate in a variety of experiences, such as an exhibition on the history of honey, an unusual visit to a bee colony in the middle of a eucalyptus grove, to learn bee-keeping techniques, attend workshops that encourage both the old and young to delve deeper into the fascinating world of the bee, or have a meal in the Huerto restaurant that aims to increase awareness of the direct relationship that exists between food, nature and the environment

Thus is without doubt an excellent opportunity to enjoy a day out in the open air, close to nature and “its gifts”, to enjoy time with the family and disconnect from new technologies for a while.

A boat trip around the Bay 

A boat trip departing from one of the many ports of the coastal towns of the Jerez Region, such as Puerto Sherry in El Puerto de Santa María, is both an unforgettable experience and a way to discover the coastline of the region from a unique perspective.

The Bay of Cádiz is a natural paradise with environmental and ecological features that have earned it recognition and protection as a Nature Park. Characterized by its extensive fine golden sands, its crystalline waters have won international recognition for many years as being of the best, along with its varied and valuable fauna and numerous species of birdlife.

During a boat trip you can enjoy impressive views of the Bay, its beaches, marshlands, waterfalls and sand dunes, whilst sun and a sea breeze caress your face. Children can enjoy observing such unique species as pink flamingos, whilst adults can complete the experience with a sherry tasting session on board.

Fish Pens and the Chipiona Lighthouse

Chipiona is a city of Roman origin situated on the Cosa de la Luz, very close to the mouth of the river Guadalquivir. Some of its greatest attractions are its extensive beaches, destination of thousands of families throughout the year wishing to enjoy their summer holidays.

What we propose, however, are a couple of options for the family here on the Chipiona coast that escape from the usual and will allow you to better understand the history of the town and for all to enjoy yourselves just as children do.

The Fish Pens represent a historic fishing method, legacy of Roman or Moorish times and maintained for centuries to the present day. Due to their importance and uniqueness they have been declared a Natural Monument. They consist of primitive constructions located on the shore, seawater pools enclosed by low stone walls that flood at high tide and retain all types of species of fish, molluscs, etc… and when the tide goes out they turn into gigantic fish traps. If you get close enough and are lucky enough to be there at the right moment, you can observe this truly artistic fishing method.

Equestrian shows with a flamenco rhythm 

The world of the horse is, together with flamenco and sherry, one of the identifying features of the Jerez Region.

Pure Spanish horses, for centuries considered the most highly appreciated in the world, are bred in Jerez. The Yeguada de la Cartuja places at the disposal of society the genetic heritage of the unique Spanish purebred Carthusian horse.

To learn how these majestic animals are looked after and live, to discover their history and, amongst other things, the tricks of their training is a unique experience that will captivate both young and old alike.

To complete the experience we propose you participate in an exciting activity from start to finish that will remain in your memory forever: an equestrian show. A show where Andalusian horses perform with horsemen dressed in traditional historic costumes, taking part in an authentic artistic equestrian dance with a choreography and surprising movements made to the rhythm of the best Spanish classical music and flamenco.

Jerez Archaeological Museum 

From horses to the origins of Jerez!

A visit to the Jerez Museum, which dates from the eighteenth century, is a journey through the ancestral history of this Baetica region.

Different exhibition rooms contain exhibits of all types of objects encountered in the archaeological sites of the territory, made by the ancient inhabitants of Jerez and the region.

It is a didactic experience for all types of public, where you may contemplate representative pieces of each different cultural period or some specific facet of the same. The Palaeolithic Age, Copper Age, Roman Age, Islamic Age, Middle Ages or Modern Age, are but some of the periods whose history may be discovered on a visit to the Museum.

Museum of Wine and Salt 

The Wine and Salt Interpretation Centre in Chiclana de la Frontera consists of three large exhibition rooms that enable families to discover what have been, over the centuries, two the most important elements of the city: salt and wine.

The first room, THE SEA, is a large central multi-purpose hall. The second, SALT, displays information depicting the historic importance of the salt works in Chiclana, with audio-visual resources, photographs and a collection of tools to make the visit more enjoyable for children. Finally, the third space is WINE, consisting of four rooms depicting the winegrowing culture of Chiclana de a Frontera. Information panels, photographs, vineyard tools and diverse audio-visual presentations explain the history of the family-owned craft bodegas of Chiclana, included in the Denomination of Origin Jerez-Xérés-Sherry, and how the different types of sherry are produced.

Jerez Racing Circuit and Karting 

To end your family outing to the Jerez Region, what better way than with a bit of adrenaline and some motor racing?

The Jerez Circuit, over 4,400 metres in length, is one of the most technical and attractive racing circuits in the world. Important sporting events are held here year after year, such as the Jerez MotoGP that attracts thousands of enthusiasts and for a weekend converts the city into a meeting point for motorcycle lovers. If you can make your visit coincide with one of the events held at the circuit, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Moreover, to experience first-hand the sensations of a racing driver going round the Jerez Circuit, you can have an exciting fun afternoon with the family at Karting Jerez. With both an indoor circuit and outdoor circuit to offer the maximum enjoyment of driving a kart. Children and adults will enjoy themselves like never before. May the best man win!

Hotels prepared to accept families 

Most of the hotels that form part of the Route possess facilities and services to delight both children and adults alike, as we all know that if the young children are happy, then so are their parents. Swimming pools, mini-golf, recreation areas, games-rooms and other facilities are all at the disposal of families who choose to visit the Jerez Region.